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Driving lessons Gateshead with an experienced instructor who will help YOU pass first time

Are you ready to start learning to drive in Gateshead?

Your choice of driving instructor will make a huge difference to how quickly you get the confidence and skills to take your driving test and learning to drive with ´Driving North East´ will give YOU the best chance of passing 1ST TIME!

A flexible approach to driver training enables our lessons to be better adapted to the individual learner so you will get the most from every lesson. You will be pushed as much as possible and you´ll be amazed how quickly you will improve but not put under so much pressure you stop enjoying your driving!

In addition to the standard driving lessons in Gateshead we also offer

Pass in 1 week Intensive courses

Block booking discounts

Pass Plus and other post test driving tuition

Theory test Preparation

Refresher / Motorway driving lessons

Dsa registered & Approved Instructors

Driving North East

Get on the road to your licence with Driving North East
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